Strawberry Picking and Farm Country

I’ve been busy these past two weeks, with work being a little chaotic, it’s led to not much sleep, stress and an inability to compile my photos and research for proper entries. Sorry!

But here’s a little filler of an entry.

I found time yesterday to go exploring the farm country. Usually, I know when people think of “New York”, they just think of the city. A lot of people, even native New York City dwellers, forget about upstate New York. Greater New York, as it’s also known… really is great. Driving outside any city or town limits and into farm country where rolling hills, cows, work horses, tractors and Amish buggies are abundant is quite the eye opener. It’s like being transported to another state all together.

It’s June, and in NY, it’s strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry season. I went searching for you-pick farms because I find it fun to pick your own fruit.

I came upon Conbeer’s Farm in the town of Fonda, and I had fun picking strawberries! It was $2.25 a quart and I thought that was a steal! I bought four quarts. I was really tempted on buying more, but the thought of transporting them for five hours back to Queens is tough enough.


Beautiful mountain landscape


Conbeer’s Farm


Strawberry fields forever. 😉


Cute strawberries peeking out!


My first quart. You don’t know how delicious they smelled! They tasted sweet too!!


My three quarts. I gave my forth to my coworker.

After Conbeer’s, I drove off further into the farm country.






Cute family portrait. I wish the barbwire fence wasn’t in the way.


A beautifully kept classic vintage pick up.


There’s a turkey on the tractor!

My last stop was Meadowlark Farm. Known for their blueberry farm, I had to stop by and see if I can pick a few quarts. The last time I had farm-fresh blueberries was back when I visited my uncle and aunt in Texas a few years back.

Sadly this time around, the farm was closed because the blueberries weren’t ready yet.


When I think of blueberry, I think of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




Not ready yet. 😦


Cute wild daisies.


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